Famous Artists School Courses in Oil & Watercolor Painting

This is the Course for you if you want to create pictures you’ll be proud to exhibit and sell,  give to friends and relatives, and hang on your walls.

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A painting by Robert Heindel, a graduate of FAS and a member of our Guiding Faculty.

Whatever your special interests—landscapes, portraits, animals, still life—the Famous Artists Course in Oil and Watercolor Painting will give you the knowledge and skill you need to create paintings that communicate your ideas and emotions.

You get personal and effective guidance from your professional “Artist-Instructors” that is expressly what you need, from basic color mixing on through experiments with the latest techniques and concepts. You are a “Class of One.”

by Charles Reid

A painting by Charles Reid, a graduate of FAS and a member of our Guiding Faculty.

Drawing and painting can make every day an exciting adventure filled with new experiences. Art enriches your life, providing personal satisfaction and even some extra income!

Your personal Lesson Program—the Assignments you send in to Famous Artists School—begins with the Certificate Course of ten lessons.

When you’ve completed this Certificate Course, you can progress to the Masters Course, selecting the Advanced Elective that best suits your needs and interests. If you already know you want to pursue the complete Oil and Watercolor Painting Course, we recommend that you select the more cost-effective Master Course in Oil and Watercolor Painting, which provides 14 additional lessons in the advanced painting specialization of your choice (for a total of 24 lessons and instructor critiques in all).

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