Our Alumni

Famous Artists School alumni continue to thrive and to excel. Some exhibit their work in galleries; some have gone on to fulfilling careers in commercial art; others continue their art education by taking additional FAS Courses. Some students even became Guiding Faculty members.

Here’s what our alumni have to say:

Norma Boeckler

Peony by Norma BoecklerI have taken many workshops in different media and none of them compare with the Famous Artists Course. I liked the critique method used to correct each lesson with the overlay sheet pointing out the strong and weak features of each painting.

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Daniel Bonneau

Daniel BonneauI studied with Famous Artists School starting at age 18. At age 35, I decided to use my art talent and skills to depict wildlife. I have thought about Famous Artists School often throughout my life, remembering the value of that learning experience. I still have my textbooks and still refer to them often.

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Christina Cooper

Christina CooperThe Famous Artists Course covers all the basics necessary for a well-rounded art education. I graduated from a top art college, but the Famous Artists Course completed much that my education left untapped. Many times I have referred other artists to the Famous Artists School on top of other drawing and painting classes they are currently taking. I feel art is a long process, and my critiques from the Famous Artists School Painting Program have clarified many issues.

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Bill Davis

Michael Callis by Bill Davis, detailFollowing my discharge from the Army ... I enrolled in the Famous Artists Schools Commercial Art Course ... then went to work as the illustrator for one of the largest utilities on the east coast ... Since retirement, I have completed eight murals ... many portraits ... I also teach art classes ... and am working on a one-man show. Life is good.  Many thanks to FAS for a dream career.

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Julinya Vidigal DeVince

Julinya Vidigal DeVinceRecently, I wrote to FAS because I sincerely wanted the school to know that I never forgot how they paved my way to a very successful career in my chosen field. Now that I also teach, I know the importance of having great teachers.

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Larry Gibbs

Larry GibbsI’ve had success at selling my fine art paintings. Most recently, I’ve been taking the Famous Artists Course in Commercial Art, Illustration and Design. I am learning a lot more through FAS, and hope to reach the next level one of these days.

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Eric Gray

The Archer by Eric Gray ... if I had to narrow it down to one thing from my years with FAS it was this: ‘You are not going to have a teacher at your beck and call for life, so you learn to be your own teacher. You learn to paint! ... ‘

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Andries Hartholt

Andries HartholtIt’s my experience that the strength of the Famous Artists Course is in the combination of the excellent textbooks and the personal instruction.

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John Lankford

John LankfordThere is simply no better way to learn art than the way the Famous Artists School does it! I have taken workshops and none have helped me to improve as fast and given me the most for my dollar as FAS! I first enrolled in the painting course in 1965 and the textbooks and instructor’s critiques have been a major resource since then. In 2000, I enrolled in the landscape elective course. The quality of instruction is still present!

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Sherry Leach

Chinatown by Sherry LeachI have enjoyed and benefited from studying with Famous Artists School for the last several years.  I was fortunate to have had such an outstanding instructor, Hank McLaughlin, throughout the entire time. I am thoroughly pleased with the courses I have completed and have recommended your course to several artist friends.

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Gary Lessord

imageHailing from Orlando Florida, Gary is a former Famous Artist School student whose career has been on a diverse track leading to creative images, awards and recognitions ever since he completed the course. Gary credits the Famous Artists Course he took during high school with having advanced his talent and artistic awareness. He says, “the lessons were always a challenge and the professional instruction played a real beneficial role in my early development as an artist.”

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Charles Margeson

imageThe combination of three things made it possible for me to complete the course and gain the knowledge that I needed. First, the material was very good. Second was the individual instruction (Critiques) which were very beneficial (the instructors made me feel that they were really in there pulling for me). The third was the fact that I stuck to it and finished the course.

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Don Rankin

David, watercolor, by Don RankinI remember well the comments and critiques I received from various artists at FAS. I don’t recall ever getting a critique from a faculty member who was not a master at drawing. Famous Artists School instilled in me a love of line with pen and ink. In fact I still use those skills today. A great deal of my preliminary work is done that way.

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Pam Rice

Rowing Man by Pam RiceMy actual introduction to commercial art and design was through the Famous Artists School, which opened up a whole new world of light, shadow and perspective. I began the Famous Artists Course in my sophomore year of high school. The lessons were personal and never intimidating. The resources and tools were beautifully presented. The list of contributing artists and instructors was quite impressive. I knew immediately that this was going to be my major when I went to college.

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Anthony J. Ross

Low Tide by Anthony J. RossThe [FAS] course was better than any classes I have attended for art instruction. It was more centered around commercial application, which is what I needed. It allow me to continue my career in Graphic Design with the tools I needed to compete and added to my resume.

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Richard E. Sandoval

Birds and Fish by Richard E. SandovalI was thrilled to be taught using lessons by the masters of our time such as Norman Rockwell.  I am extremely proud of that. And today, after attending and graduating from UCLA in Design and Media Arts, I can say that attending Famous Artists School was the most satisfying learning experience in my life.

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Otis Simmons

imageThis whole experience with Famous Artists School is such a reassuring one, knowing that you are being thoroughly and competently trained by instructors who are themselves accomplished artists.

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Don C. Smith

Iron Breast by Don C. Smith ... upon completing the course, I received a call from Al Dorne, the founder of FAS, who invited me to appear in a full-page magazine ad extolling its merits. Needless to say I was honored to offer my endorsement since, without the Famous Artist School, I would never have realized my dream of becoming an illustrator, and art director, and subsequently the president of a major advertising agency.

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Donna Smith

Donna SmithI have been a quadriplegic since a diving accident in 1991. I paint by holding the paintbrush or palette knife in my mouth ... It was through the American base of the MFPA, located now in Atlanta, Georgia, that the Famous Artists School was recommended as a good source for art instruction. As I was not able to attend classrooms, the fact that I could take this course through the mail was the perfect solution.

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Max Stiebel

Remembering Guatemala by Max StiebelIn the 1960’s, I took Famous Artists School’s Commercial Art Course. The Guiding Faculty were an inspiration to me as I embarked on my artistic career. Personalized teaching and excellent lesson plans gave me a solid base to develop and evolve as an artist. I anxiously awaited assignments that were sent back with my instructor’s comments on my work. This was always an enlightening experience for me.

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Doug Watkins

imageI had a tremendous career as a free-lance commercial artist. I enjoyed all aspects of my trade, including layout, design, illustration, typesetting and printing. I won 20 awards for logo designs, billboards, newspaper ads, brochures, etc. Famous Artists School is the only training I had when I started out! These days, I’m concentrating on painting and drawing.

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Peter Wilson

imageI’m retired now, and most of my working life was spent as a technical illustrator. I have gained many insights in art by taking the Famous Artists School Course in Fine Art. The Course has excellent study material in the chapters on color, texture and composition. My paintings are better because of what I learned from FAS. In recent years I have had showings of my work in Glastonbury and Old Saybrook, Connecticut, and in Edgewater and New Smyrna, Florida.

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