Famous Artists School Classic Courses - Teaching Artists for More than 60 Years!

Famous Artists School specializes in quality art education. We have a variety of offerings to provide the appropriate course for you. We offer basic courses, advanced courses, courses for youths, and a course specifically designed to help you determine what your special talents and interests are.

We also offer the same high-quality instruction revised and modernized and available as online/printed text Creative Art Courses. Click here for more information about our newest course offerings.

Famous Artists Course in Oil and Watercolor Painting

If you want to draw and paint pictures you’ll be proud to exhibit, sell, give to friends, and hang on your walls, then this is your Course. Whatever your interests—landscapes, portraits, animals, still life—the FAS Oil & Watercolor Painting Course will give you the knowledge and skill you need to create paintings that express your ideas and emotions.
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Famous Artists Course in Illustration & Design

If you want to enjoy a full- or part-time career creating illustrations for books and magazines, fashion drawings, posters, greeting cards, graphic designs, or many other exciting and well-paying jobs in the field of graphic art, then this is the course designed for you.
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Famous Artists Discovery Art Course

This course is designed to help you discover yourself as an artist. Ten lessons explore key topics and are geared to provide you with a solid grounding in the knowledge and techniques all artists consider fundamental, no matter in which branch of art they specialize. These courses help you determine where your talents and interests as an artist are best expressed and will help you decide which direction you really want to take in the field of art.
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Famous Artists Course for Talented Young People

The FAS Course for Talented Young People is a full art study course especially developed to accomodate the needs of students younger than 16. The course is based on the same principles and lessons as the FAS Courses in Painting and Career Art, but created by professional educators and artists to structure the lessons for young people. This is real, professional training and expert guidance.
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Famous Artists School Classic “How-to” Series

Four classic illustrated, 90-plus page Famous Artists School art instruction books offered once again due to popular demand. Includes: How to Draw and Paint Landscapes, How to Draw and Paint Portraits, How to Draw the Human Figure, and How to Draw Animals.
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