Famous Artists Course in Illustration & Design

This is the Course for you if you want a full- or part-time career creating illustrations for books and magazines; creating fashion drawings, posters, greeting cards, graphic designs; or working in any of the exciting and well-paying jobs found in career art.

(You can DOWNLOAD the FAS Brochure (PDF) or just the FAS Enrollment Form (PDF) from the brochure.)


An illustration by Franklin McMahon, a member of our Guiding Faculty.

As a well-trained career artist, you enjoy the “best of two worlds.” You can delight in much of the same excitement of creating a fine artist experiences—while getting paid well for your work.

The Famous Artists Course in Illustration & Design will teach you what you need to know for jobs at both the entry level and the advanced, professional level.


A brochure illustration by Dolph LeMoult, an Instructor on our Faculty.

You get personal and effective guidance from your professional Artist-Instructors, providing you expressly what you need, from basic drawing techniques on through specialized illustration and design projects. You are a “Class of One.”

Your personal Lesson Program—the Assignments you send in to Famous Artists School—begins with the Certificate Course of ten lessons.

When you’ve completed this Certificate Course, you can progress to the Masters Course, where you will take two Advanced Elective courses that further develop your skills in graphic arts. If you already know you want to pursue the complete Career Art Course, we recommend that you select the more cost-effective Master Course in Illustration & Design, which provides 14 additional lessons in advanced topics (for a total of 24 lessons and instructor critiques in all).

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